Version: 0.5
Serv-U: 3x 4x 5x 6x all
Type: DLL
Description: New IRC server bot that combines the functions of JAstat and IRC-U. Whats new:

1. Graphical User Interface Added
2. 34 Events - able to edit
3. Custom Commands:
- !free : lists all the hdd's with total/free space
- !dfree PARAM : list total/free space for given hdd (example: !dfree c:\ )
- !afree : list sum of all total/free space
- !topul : list top 10 uploaders (username and how much they uploaded )
- !topdl : list top 10 downloaders ( username and how much they downloaded )
- !sysup : system uptime
- !ltime : system's local time and date
- !ram : usage in % and total/free ram
- !who : List all users on a server and what they are doing (Logged in, Uploading, Downloading )
- !stats : show server statistics
-!md5 PARAM : generate serv-u md5 password (ex. !md5 testfxp )

Join me on EFNet #gsserv key:gsserv

To Do: No SFV checking. I might implement it soon. Implement add/remove/modify users on Serv-U via IRC commands.