Addon: IRC-U
Version: 3.1.3
Serv-U: 3x 4x 5x - up to and including version
6x - and greater version
Type: DLL
Description: This plugin was created by Clip9. It allows Serv-U to connect to popular IRC network. It will display custom messages on many events, for example directory created or deleated, who is on the server, bandwidth, etc. It can also act as a channel moderator.
To Do: Serv-U 6x has a bug in sfv checker. After sfv checking is done the dir in which .sfv was uploaded cannot be deleted until another sfv checking occurs. I don't have much time to look into it now. Best solution is to disable sfv checking in irc-u for Serv-U 6x. (I did not check all version of serv-u 6x for this behavior).