Site Updates 04-10-2009
GSStats 0.1 Final Released!!!

Final, stable version of my Serv-U IRC plugin is out. One dll for all versions of Serv-U. Thanks to ftpservertools for code sample. Based on GSSERV 0.5 but completely rewritten code, it supports custom variables in all messages as well as IRC password protection in order to use IRC commands. DCC file transfers and some other things are on the way. Go to download section for more details. Remember, Illegal Use Prohibited!!!

Site Updates 04-19-2008
Irc-U 3.1.3 Update!!!

I fixed two problems that cause Serv-U to crash. I believe Irc-U for Serv-U 3x 4x 5x is working 100%. Serv-U 6x has a bug. Go to download page to read more details. Avast Avir does not detect my compiled version of Irc-U plugin. Other avirs should behave the same. For personal use only. Future release might incorporate JAstat & Irc-U. Check out the download section and remember: Illegal Use Prohibited!!!

Posted by LV44 05-15-2007

This website is still under development. You will find many addons made for Serv-U FTP Server. Serv-U is a great FTP server that is powerful, fast and easy to customize. Some addons are made by me. Check them out and give them a try. If you have any other addons for Serv-U contact me and I will post them on the website.

I need people to test my addon GSHttpd Server.


This site does not support or tolerate any hacking or cracking tools. Addons posted on the site have legimite uses. They explore the extra functionality of Serv-U FTP Server.